Geography and Climate


Central Texas is the general location for Lorena. The City of Lorena is located in McLennan County, Texas, USA. The City is immediately south of Waco Texas and is part of the growing Waco Texas metropolitan area. Lorena major transportation corridor is Interstate 35. The Union Pacific Railroad runs through Lorena in a south to north railroad route.


The National Climatic Data Center describes the general Waco area climate as humid subtropical with hot summers. The weather is continental, characterized by a wide annual temperature range. Rainfall averages 32 inches a year. Mean minimum January temperature is 34 degrees (f). July mean maximum is 97 degrees (f).

Geography or Physical Features
Lorena is part of the Central Texas Blackland Prairie. Drainage is generally to the South Bosque River on the west and to the Brazos River to the east. Elevations vary from 350 to 950 throughout McLennan County of which Lorena is a part.