Mobile Food Units/Food Trucks


A. Location

1. All mobile food units must be located on an individual parcel, which is appropriately zoned for commercial development, where an existing permanent business operates in a building with a certificate of occupancy.

2. Mobile food units shall provide the City with written permission on letterhead from the property owner on an annual basis to allow the operation of a mobile food unit. If preparing food on location or on the vehicle (including snow cone stands), permission letters from the property owner where selling must be submitted before issuing a permit.

3. Mobile food units shall provide their employees with the use of a commercially plumbed restroom. Mobile food units shall provide the City, on an annual basis, with written permission (on letterhead) from the property owner, adjacent property owner, or property owner directly across from the operational location giving express written consent to allow the employees of the mobile food unit use of commercially plumbed public restroom. If preparing food on location or on the vehicle (including snow cone stands), permission letter pertaining to the of restroom facilities must be submitted before issuing a permit.

4. Mobile food units shall submit a site plan depicting the location of the food truck on the property.

5. Mobile food units shall secure current and valid food handler cards from Waco - McLennan County Public Health District, providing copies of these documents to the City of Lorena. All food workers, helpers, and drivers must have food handler cards, and a certified food manager is required unless the mobile food unit provides only commercially prepackaged non-temperature-controlled storage (TCS) foods and beverages.

6. Mobile food units shall be located within 500 feet of an entrance of a primary building that holds the certificate of occupancy.

7. No mobile food unit shall be located on a vacant lot.

8. No mobile food unit, their merchandise, advertising, or seating shall obscure traffic sight visibility.

9. No mobile food units operating under this regulation shall be allowed to sell or service food on any public street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way unless approved in writing by the City of Lorena.

10. Mobile food units shall not operate in driveways or fire lanes.

11. Mobile food units, including any applicable seating may operate in parking spaces in a commercially zoned individual property, parcel, tract or platted lot, if the required parking for the center remains in compliance with the parking code located in Article 7 of the Lorena Zoning Ordinance. A site plan indicating the specific location is required.

12. Mobile food units shall be removed from the parcel on a daily basis and may only operate during the business hours of the primary business and may not be parked longer than twelve (12) hours.

B. Licensing

All food trucks shall have a valid vehicle registration, motor vehicle operator's license, proof of vehicle liability insurance, a Texas Sales Tax Permit and meet all other state laws and/or licensing requirements.

C. Operations

1. A drive-through is not permitted in conjunction with the mobile food unit and shall not provide a drive- through service of any kind.

2. Mobile food units shall be equipped with a self-closing lidded, trash receptacle. The trash receptacle must be placed outside next to the mobile food unit for use by the patrons of the mobile food unit. The area around the mobile food unit shall be kept clean and free from all litter, garbage, and debris.

3. Temporary connections to potable water are prohibited. Water shall be from an internal tank, and electricity shall be from a generator or an electrical outlet via a portable cord that is in conformance with the Electrical Code as adopted by the City of Lorena

4. Except as otherwise limited by the City of Lorena Code of Ordinances, or other City codes, a mobile food unit may utilize outside seating consisting of a portable table and a seating capacity of not to exceed four (4).